Increase productivity by 300%

The software pushes you to keep moving forward and the one click option prevents you from getting distracted.

No downtime

Run in automatic mode when you are taking a break or on the phone with a client

all in one solution

Multiple ways to run it to increase productivity, minimize downtime and make work more enjoyable.

Why download it?

Free up your time

All you have to do is run the bot during your free time and it will do the work for you.

Spend More Time Talking To Clients

and less time clicking buttons

Software Assistant

Increase Efficiency by 300%

Distractions can keep you from doing your best work.  With the VS Automation Suite you are always moving forward, contacting more leads than you ever though possible.

You build the relationships

The Automation suite will do the clicking


VS Automation Suite

Automated texting

Input your VS Login, the message you want to send, number of times you want to send it, click run and let the bot do it’s magic.

Sideline integration

Use Sideline to text your leads automatically or in semi-auto mode to increase productivity by 300%

One click mode

Progress through your leads with just one click.  

field tested

Tested by top producing agents to increase lead contact volume.


Regular updates to help make you more productive

Single executable

There’s one single program that has a built in internet browser to automate everything you need it to do.

Please Send Your Feedback

In order for the software suite to work in the most effective and efficient way for you, we need your feedback so please email any and all suggestions or comments!

Our Products

VS Automation Suite, bulk SMS, and android sms gateway

More to come

Argos automation


Most frequent questions and answers

Not at this time.  The Automation Suite is a Windows Executable.

Yes, in automatic mode but only on the older leads.

The software suite itself does not need to be installed but it will need to download and install support software to run properly.  It will do this only the first time you run it.

Yes, as long as you have multiple VS accounts.

After the free trial it is $50/month